Professional Development Training

Dear Respected Principals, Administrators, and District Leaders,

Get ready to join us for a transformative journey with our Professional Development Training Workshop. This journey doesn’t stop with the workshop itself, as participants leave with a tailored plan to implement one or more of the strategies they’ve learned. Further, to continue their development beyond the workshop, participants gain access to a plethora of innovative applications of these strategies from educators across the curriculum.

Our fresh approach, the left-to-right method, isn’t just a new teaching tactic – it’s a complete paradigm shift poised to change mathematics education in your institutions. We believe this shift can transform students into confident learners, elevate academic performance, and drive overall school improvement.

We know the daunting challenges in education – persistent academic gaps and the constant strive for higher performance. The solution lies in innovative teaching strategies that naturally align with how students think and learn. That’s exactly what we offer in our Professional Development Training Workshop – a proven, innovative solution tailored to enhance your educators’ teaching arsenal and align with students’ cognitive inclinations.

Designed with college faculty in mind, these On Course Workshops are equally applicable to middle and high school teachers, making them an ideal choice for all educators, student success instructors, counselors, Trio personnel, and administrators. These workshops provide a powerful toolset, enabling educators to effectively adopt the left-to-right arithmetic method, which is proven to enhance comprehension, cognitive processing, and reflective thinking.

Imagine a future where your school data showcases significant improvements, and academic gaps become history. As educators proficiently incorporate this new approach, students’ arithmetic skills will soar, contributing positively to their overall academic achievements.

By adopting this groundbreaking approach, you’ll not just be keeping up with the trend, but leading it. Our workshop provides educators with practical experiences, ongoing expert support, and access to a community committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional education.

The time has come for a change, one that empowers our students and prepares them for a rapidly evolving world. Start this transformation today by enrolling your educators in our Professional Development Training Workshop and witness an extraordinary change within your schools and districts.

Join us in this revolutionary endeavor. Together, we can create a world where every student excels, every teacher is empowered, and every school stands as a symbol of academic excellence. Sign up today – let’s shape the future of education, one student at a time.

Unleash your teachers and students’ potential with Unlocking Student Potential – A Roadmap to Q5 engaging, inspiring, and empowering Learners Workshop, a comprehensive and immersive program running throughout the school year via zoom. Please, reach out to us for support of your school. 


The cost of the workshop is $1,650.

Group Discount of 20 to 30 Participants $850

Group Discount of 50+ $450

Embrace the opportunity to step away from your screens and join us in person for a truly inspiring experience. This extraordinary workshop is designed with a unique purpose: to engage and empower educators with an in-depth training program unlike any other. Our primary aim? To turn the tides for low-performing students, special populations, and English Language Learners (ELL).

Embark on this transformative educational journey that’s set to reshape not just your teaching approach, but also the learning outcomes of your students. This is more than a workshop, it’s a powerful catalyst for change, providing you with the tools and strategies to reach out to all students, especially those who need it most.

Imagine being a beacon of hope, guiding your students towards improved academic performance and personal growth. Together, we can elevate their potential and redefine their future. Join us, inspire change, and make a significant impact on the lives of your scholars. Sign up today and help us transform education one student at a time!

Choose the package that suits you best: the commuter package available at $895 or the resident package for an inclusive experience at $1195. Register now to secure your spot.

The cost of the workshop is $3,500.

Group Discount of 20 to 30 Participants $1,500

Group Discount of 50+ $750

Don’t let this golden opportunity pass your schools by. Dive into this transformative experience, reshape your approach to education, and witness the effectiveness of these revolutionary teaching strategies. Become part of our learning community today!